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Want discounted health cover? No worries! Our affordable premiums and impressive rebates are already among the best in Australia. And with generous group discounts courtesy of your employer, group or club,  you could be enjoying even better value for money, as well as greater healthcare choices.

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Why join HIF?

There’s a whole bunch of compelling reasons why our popular health plans are among the best around. Here's just a few for starters.

  • Access to over 500 hospitals Australia-wide;
  • Complete freedom to choose your own healthcare providers (some health funds have a limited number of contracted providers their members can visit - we don't);
  • Access to a range of healthy lifestyle benefits such as weight loss programs, exercise physiology, gym memberships, health assessments, cancer screening and quit smoking programs;
  • Access to our unique SmartTeeth initiative (so smart that it’s even been applauded by the Australian Dental Association);
  • Access to various claiming options including on-the-spot eClaiming and our SmartClaim mobile app, as well as email, fax and postal options;
  • We will waive the normal 2-month waiting periods on Extras services
  • We will recognise your length of membership with your previous insurer under our loyalty program
  • Competitive travel insurance quotes.... and much more.